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Novartis is providing the editor for free, but you have to fulfill the license conditions given below.

Legal Stuff

The JMEMolecularEditor© is a computer software to
which Novartis AG has the exclusive copyright. Installation
of the JMEMolecularEditor© by any user shall only be permitted when
user accepts and agrees to give proper credit to Novartis
AG, including naming the author of the JMEMolecularEditor©, Peter
Ertl, and Novartis AG, by displaying the following HTML code below the JME area
JME Editor courtesy of Peter Ertl, Novartis

as shown in this example.

User shall install and/or use the JMEMolecularEditor©
only to draw and edit chemical structures as input to his chemical information
and modeling systems, and user shall in no event decompile or otherwise
disassemble the JMEMolecularEditor©.

Installation and use of the JMEMolecularEditor©
shall only be permitted when user accepts and agrees

  • that Novartis does not warrant fitness of the JMEMolecularEditor©
    for any general or special purpose whatsoever, and
  • that Novartis shall in no event be liable to anybody for
    any damage, loss or personal injury which may result directly or indirectly
    from the installation, use, deletion or any other handling of the JMEMolecularEditor©,
  • that any user of the JMEMolecularEditor© shall indemnify
    and hold Novartis harmless from any and all claims by third parties related
    to the user’s installation, use or other handling of the JMEMolecularEditor©.

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